Selecting a Wedding Limousines

“Limousines”, when this word is heard or strikes your mind, the only thing that will rack your brains is luxury and luxury alone. Because the vehicle in itself is such a class apart and diversified, that it is almost unbelievable to take your eyes off it when you see it on the road.

And to think that companies have actually fleets of it available to them is quiet mind boggling actually. The wedding limo is a service which was started for the rich and the filthy rich to suit their style and their grandeur in weddings. It boasts off the most advanced range of limousines ever imagined.

Larger cities in the world to boast of wedding limo services and that in itself is an utterly amazing feet. The brilliance of the service itself is that it is suited to any kind of wedding that you fancy. Be it themes, white weddings, beach weddings etc. Snazzy limousines like the Hummer limo and the stretch limos are available to take your breath away and seek attention from the moment it makes its entrance in a wedding party. You can also use a limo service on the honeymoon, if your going to a tropical place, you can rent the best inflatable stand up paddle boards or sup, and the limo company will take you right to the water.

Great limo services with also boasts of one of the most experienced and friendliest staff on board ever. Their chauffeurs are well equipped to handle their client’s demands and also are available round the clock on an hourly rate. Weddings Limousines are a sure shot success and the results are there for everyone to see.

The people who come to attend the weddings are pleased as well as the Limo is the ultimate symbol of luxury and class. And what better way to show your class than at the wedding of your near and dear ones. A wedding limo comes with a lot of competition, wide limousine competition and yes with a lot of wedding limousine competition.

So lastly, the selection of a limousine company for your wedding should be one that has an immense choice of cars, updated with the newest and maximum fleet, and a company that shows you with an image you can be proud of with drivers that are professional and of course well groomed.

Gifts For Wedding Party

There are many gifts for wedding party and the trick would be to look for the most appropriate gift for the recipient. There are available gifts for him and for her that you can choose from and it does not have to be expensive to be appreciated unless your renting a limo in san angelo tx. The most important thing is that it comes from your heart and it is well-thought-of.

Before you start on a shopping spree for your gifts, make a list of all the people you need to give gifts starting with your attendants, your partner’s attendants, and the wedding guests. Although it may be too much to think about, see to it that the gifts of your attendants and your partner’s attendants are different from your guests. The maid of honor and the best man’s gifts should are also customarily different from the other attendants.

Here are some of the gifts you can gift according to the recipient classification:

1. Maid of honor – since the role of this friend during your wedding is important from all the rest of your attendants, you can show your appreciation by giving her a piece of jewelry. It does not have to be fancy, just something to remind her of being part of your special day.

2. Best man – for the groom’s best man, one of the best gifts you can give him for his time and friendship is customized cuff links. There are a lot of shops that cater to these kinds of services and it does not put a hole in your pocket too.

3. Bridesmaids – these girls can make use of a beautiful wrap or shawl they can also use during the wedding party. To make these shawls unique, you can have each wrap or shawl personalized with their initials. You can have it in your wedding’s theme color.

4. Groomsmen – Men are usually not picky when it comes to receiving gifts, but nevertheless, so you can come up with something that’s really practical for them. Take for example, money clips, personalized key chains, bottle stoppers, and lock back knifes.

5. Wedding party guests – to make it easier for you, opting to give wedding gift bags filled with goodies is a very good idea. Another gift item that has been gaining popularity is chocolates wrapped in personalized messages for each guest.

There are so many people that you need to give gifts to for saying thank you for devoting some of their time to making one of your most memorable days special. Make every gift count with unique ideas that make for superb gifts for wedding party.

Bachelorette Party Ideas

bachelorette-party-ideas-playboy-bunniesA bachelorette party is arranged for a woman who is going to get married. It is actually a dinner party for her friends. Like any party, a bachelorette party is a source of fun and excitement for the bride-to-be and the guests. Organizing a bachelorette party has become a trend to celebrate good-bye of the bride-to-be to her singlehood. Obviously every one of you will wish to convert this event into more exciting and fun making. Planning a unique bachelorette party is also an exciting task. If you are also going to plan a bachelorette party for your friend, family member or a colleague, let up help you by providing best bachelorette party ideas with you. Read the ideas shared below and go ahead!

  • Budget: First of all you should set your budgetary limits for making all arrangements. Even you are suggested to allocate specific amount to be spent on each arrangement like decorations, food, party favors, renting a party hall etc.
  • Guest List: Once you decide the budget, you should prepare a guest list. Your guests list may include names of females only or you may invite male friends also. While preparing a guest list, you are suggested to prepare a checklist with guest’s name, phone number, mailing address and a checkbox to note if the invitation and reminders has be sent or not to each guest. Final guest list will help you make other arrangements accordingly.
  • Decide Location: You need to decide a location for the party according to the number of guests. If you are going to celebrate this party with few of your friends, you can make all arrangements in your home living room or at your friend’s home. If you are going to invite lots of friends, you may arrange the party on some open place or rent a party hall according to your budgetary limits.
  • Decoration: Next comes the decoration of the party venue. All the decorations will be made according to the party theme and nature of the party. As this party is to make the day memorable for the bride-to-be so all decorations should be made according to the nature and wishes of the bride-to-be.  Different decoration supplies can be used for decorating the party venue like balloons, candles, ribbons, pictures or posters about the singlehood of the bride-to-be. Banners with best wishes for the future should be hanged on the walls.
  • Menu: What you will serve to your guests is the next question to be answered. You may decide the menu according to the taste of the bride-to-be but make sure order variety of drinks for the night. You may order Chinese food or some cocktail food. Make sure to avoid alcohol in your party.
  • Entertainment: Here comes the actual part of the bachelorette party planning. Prepare list of games to be played in the party along with the instructions for playing each game. You make the party exciting by arranging some gifts or goodie bags for the games winners. Don’t forget to collect best music CDs to be played in the background. The most fun making games options for this party can include balloon pass, banned words, fit the condom, pin the tail on the model, fun with penises etc.
  • Party Favors: Don’t miss anything that can make your bachelorette party a memorable event for your guests. Party favors are also considered as an essential of a well-planned party.

Bachelorette Party Themes Ideas

bachelorette party ideaA bachelorette party is usually known by different names like hen night, hen do, hen party, night out etc. This party is organized to give a farewell to a bride-to-be. Enjoying this party, a to-be-wedded woman gets an exciting chance to say good-bye to her singlehood. This party is actually a fun in which all woman gather together to wish the bride-to-be and have some fun. Like other parties, a bachelorette party can also be a themed party where all arrangements will be made according to the selected theme. Every one of you will surely love to select a unique theme for your bachelorette party. To make this dream of you a reality, we are going to share some unique bachelorette party theme ideas. You can select any of the ideas shared below and enjoy a memorable party with your friends before leaving the life of being single.

Spa Theme

Bride-to-be will surely love this bachelorette party as every woman loves beauty related treatments like manicure, pedicure, facial, body massage etc. So you can plan a weekend with this theme where you will arrange different beauty treatments for the bride-to-be and her friends also. For this, you can book a spa saloon or call the spa team at your home. You can also order spa kits and do enjoy the beauty treatments yourself with your friends. Look for the spa kits available with discount offer or buy coupons of spa saloons. To make this party memorable, you can arrange spa related party favors for the guests. Let the guests know about your party theme so that they come in dresses that would be ideal for going through spa treatments.

Roman Theme

This party theme will work great for the bride-to-be and her friends for having a great weekend before her wedding. This theme will give a unique touch to your simply organized bachelorette party. For this you will have to keep the Rome in mind while making all decorations and arranging the party food. Make sure to ask the waiter to dress up in traditional Roman dress.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt part theme will make you enjoy a party like children’s affair. Following this theme, you will create a lively atmosphere for the bride-to-be and friends. Plan a treasure hunt with complete map and clues to generate interest among the guests. Don’t forget to arrange prizes for the winners.

Sporty Bachelorette Party

This party theme will be best idea for a bride-to-be who loves sports. You will find lots of choices in this party theme. You may arrange for a golf game or invite your guests for camping, yoga class, cycling, bike ride or bowling. After having some in sports, arrange food for the guests.

Tropical Bachelorette Party

This bachelorette party theme idea will work if there is some location that suits this theme or your wedding is going to be arranged in summer season. You can plan this party on a beach or at some pool. Plan the activities that will let you and your guests have great fun. Arranging a bonfire will be a great food idea for this party theme.

Outing Party Theme

Women always love to be invited for some outing. It will be great for the bride-to-be also if she is invited for outing before she leaves her life of singlehood. You will have to make lots of preparations for this party theme as you will have to carry tents, food and games accessories with you. Outing party theme idea can be used by inviting all the friends on an elegant dinner party as well. Make sure to search for the best places for the celebration and book the placed well before the time.

Tea Party Theme

A great tea party is a simple bachelorette party theme idea but will work great as it will give you a lot of time to enjoy with your friends. You can decorate the party hall in any way and concentrate on enjoying the party to the most. This party will keep you comfortable with your budget and you will not have to go to expensive restaurants for celebration. Simply invite your guests, have tea together and have fun.

Bachelorette Party Game Ideas

bachelorette party giftsNo party is complete without games so how can you imagine planning your bachelorette party without games. Even games are the aspect of party that will actually make your guests enjoy and remember the party. Here we are going to share different bachelorette party games ideas that will surely make you enjoy the most in your party. You can play all or any of the games shared below.

To-Be-Wed Game

This classic bachelorette party game will really help you make the moments funniest. For this you will call or email the groom a long list of questions about the bride-to-be and ask him to respond with answers of all the questions. The answers will be then matched with the personality of the bride-to-be. More the answers will be correct more the groom would love the bride-to-be however sometimes differences can be quite surprising. Also ask him to answer the same questions for himself and see if the bride answers the right for all questions.

Bride Trivia

The game is somewhat similar to the above shared game idea. You will prepare a list of questions and ask the bride-to-be answer those questions before the night out and then prepare the game for the guests with a list of questions about the bride and make sure to provide the right answer in multiple choices. You can make a box full of penis candies to toss out as prices to the guests with maximum correct answers.

Truth or Dare

To play this game, you will have to write up a set of index cars with Truths, Dares and Memories for the bride-to-be in advance. Ask all your guests sit in a circle and move the set of index cards among all the guests. You can make the Truths or Dares according to your interests.

Drink or Dare Dice Game

This game is very easy and fun making to play and easy to buy as well. You will simple need to make yourself with some dice, blank labels and a sharpie. You need to have two dice, one with people categories and one with verbs. Roll these dices throughout the night while you are out on the town. This game will make your guests mingle in different combinations and some of them will be quite creative in their interpretations.

Belly Dancing Game

You can call a belly dancing instructor to teach all your guests some belly dance steps. This game idea will increase the oomph factor of your bachelorette party. Also you and your guests will learn some sexy moves and have a fun making time together. You can play hot item numbers for having dance and a blast.

Balloons Pass Game

This game idea is really fun making and you can make most of this game if you are enjoying the party at someone’s home. For this game, you will have to make different teams and start the game. Take one long balloon and sandwich it between legs of the person who is going to start the game and ask him to pass the balloon to the next member without using any hands for transferring the game. The quickest team who will pass the balloon from first member to the last without touching and bursting the balloon will be the winner of the game.

Don’t Say

This game is a great game to have fun in bachelorette party. Playing this game is very simple. The only thing you need to do is to make a list of most commonly used words regarding the wedding preparations and convey the games instructions to all the guests. The listed words will be the forbidden words that no one will be allowed to use for all party time. If some player uses the forbidden word, he/she will be out of the game or you can also ask the loser to do the dare, take a drink or pay some penalty. You can choose as much creative and fun making punishments as fun making you want to make your party.

Fit the Condom

This party game actually matches to the reason of celebrating this party and is very naughty and fun making. For this you will bring some items that shape and look like penis like cucumber, banana or zucchini etc and some condoms. You will ask your guests to un-wrap the condoms and fit to the penis shaped items with one hand ties on their back or with tied eyes.

Pin the Tail on the Model

This game is another very fun making game idea that will make all your guests have great fun. You will simply blind fold your guests and take them to the vicinity. Ask them to attach a tail on the picture. The guest who will pin the tail on the targeted area will be the winner of the game. To make this game more enjoyable, you can take the picture of some famous and handsome model whose picture will be used for pinning the tail. The tail must look like the body party of the model. Make sure to have picture of naked model for this game.

Play with the Penises

This game idea will surely make you enjoy the most of your party. You can imagine how fun making it would be to play with penises in your bachelorette party. For this you can spread the penis shaped balloons of different sizes in the party hall and play different games with these balloons. You can also hang penis shaped things in the party like cucumbers, bananas etc.

With all these games and or course drinking going on, if your have a party at your house you might want to consider having a professional carpet cleaning company in surrey BC on speed dial so you can get a quick clean up if something happens.

Wedding Party Gift Ideas

wedding party giftsWhether you are the bride and groom giving gifts to the guests and to your attendants, or you are a guest of the bride and groom, there are many wedding party gift ideas that you can choose from. The trick is to give the best gift that fits with the personality of the recipient.

Giving a gift to the wedded couple is much easier than the other way around because you don’t have to think about a lot of people. This is even made easier for the guest who’ll be giving the gift because of the bridal registry. A bridal registry is a kind of service provided by department stores to assist the engaged couple in informing their guests of the possible gifts they want to receive during their wedding party. You don’t have to necessarily buy gifts from this registry, but the couple would be more than happy to receive something from this list. Items included in the registry can vary from house ware to expensive items that a couple would like to own.

However, if you are a little tight on your budget, you can always make a personalized gift. One of the best gifts you can give to the couple is a wedding scrapbook. You can make this on your own and it is not too expensive. All you need are photographs of the bride and groom. You can include photos of their developing relationship, their engagement, up to the bridal shower. Just use your imagination and you’ll surely come up with a unique gift that will surprise the couple.

For the bride and groom it is more difficult to look for gifts for their guests. Although they have a lot of choices to choose from, they also want to thank their guests for attending this special day in their lives through a thoughtful gift. If you have the time amidst your busy wedding preparation schedule, you can include a personalized item for every guest attending your wedding.

For example, make an ordinary gift bag into something special by including a special item that speaks the personality of that particular guest. Or you can include a special note thanking him for the time he spent in your wedding.

On the other hand, if you don’t have the time to do this, you can buy common items and have these personalized by engraving your name and the date of your wedding. Make sure to allocate enough time for the shop to do this so you’ll have ample time to arrange this before the wedding party.

Wedding party gift ideas come in different styles and forms, it does not have to be expensive, or if you have the money you can do practical things around the house, (if you have a practical lady). You can pay an omaha gutter cleaning service company to clean the gutter. But as long as it is a gift from the heart the receipt will surely appreciate it.

The Best Bachelor Party Ideas

vegas partyOK, you’re getting married, either that or you’re the best man and you are responsible for the big “send off” into that unknown land of monogamy and matrimony.  The sacred bachelor party has evolved like some monstrous beast over the past few decades, but maybe the image that most frequently comes to mind when the words “bachelor party” are uttered is the image of a scantily-clad woman practically climbing on top of the groom or dancing around a pole.

Well, this image is becoming seriously outdated.  Really, while there are still plenty of strip clubs and plenty of guys around to enjoy them, there are other things you can do to send the groom out in style.  Of course, these ideas still include loads of beer, getting smashed, and doing some pretty crazy things.  Let’s take a look at some of the most popular ideas, shall we?

The Destination Bachelor Party

This is a fantastic way to have a little – OK who am I kidding – a LOT of fun!  Going to some crazy destination and partying the weekend away – well, there’s just nothing like it.  There are numerous places to go, including Las Vegas, Miami, New York, Whistler, and Montreal or you can travel to tx for a dallas cowboys game and get a party bus rental in fort worth tex to get you there.  Of course, even renting a room or two for the weekend in your local posh hotel is an escape from the every day and you can still get pretty wild.

The Camping Bachelor Party

Less expensive than a crazy trip that takes you thousands of miles away via airplane, camping is the perfect mix of beer, starry skies, and NO wedding planning.  What an escape!  There is nothing like a bunch of guys drinking beer and sitting around the campfire.

The Hunting Bachelor Party

This one mixes well with the Camping Party and why not.  All you do is make sure you go during hunting season and add guns!  What more could a guy ask for?  You could also swap the hunting for fishing if the groom is up for it.  After all, some guys live for fishing.

Good Ole’ Poker

You just can’t go wrong with a bunch of guys, a barbeque, a deck of cards, and a lot of beer.  No guy on the planet can resist a night of playing poker, let alone a whole weekend.  What a way to let loose and still not break the bank (which is already broken paying for the wedding).

Rent a Beach House

This is another super alternative to travelling to a far-away destination.  When enough people pitch in the price of renting a beach house is really very reasonable.  And you can combine this with some of the ideas above, like the fishing, the campfire, the poker, and – of course – the beer.

The Active/Sporting Bachelor Party

What a great way to celebrate and let loose.  You can combine active fun such as skiing, white water rafting, or paintball, with the release of getting away for a vacation and doing some male bonding.  Physical activity all day, party all night.

How About – Skydiving!

OK, you guys have always wanted to and you know it.  Now is your chance to let loose and do something so wild and crazy that even getting married pales in comparison.  It’s costly, but when are you ever going to have the excuse to shell out the money for it ever again in your life?  Not after you’re married, that’s for sure.

Box Seats!

Take in a game and go all out with box seats.  Again, something that you would never normally do because of the outrageous cost.  Even if you can’t get box seats, you can still get tanked and yell profanities at the referees.

The key here is to get creative.  Don’t just sit there and say to yourself – or your wife/girlfriend – that it must be time to call in the stripper.  Use your brain and cook up an idea that will give you and all the guys a memorable weekend before the big day shows up.

Yes, You Do Have to Get Her a Ring

engagement ringThe question you have is WHY!?! OK, the why doesn’t matter to anyone but you so you’ll just have to suck it up and buy the damn thing. Since you’re stuck with spending your next two months’ salary on a ring, you may as well have a few tips to help you along the way.

First of all, does it really have to be two months’ worth of salary? Well, while that is the industry’s rule of thumb, here is a clue for you. Never try to pass off a fake. That being said, here is how to find the balance – spend as much as you can truly afford without putting yourself into deep financial debt over it. The ring may be nice, but you don’t want to have to hawk it later to make the mortgage payment.

How to find the right ring…

OK, OK. You have to buy a ring and you’ll have to shell out some serious dough to make it happen. But how do you know what to buy? I mean really. You need to know her preferences and you need to know her ring size. After all, does she prefer white gold or yellow gold or a combination of the two? You might not care, but I assure you that she does
Measure her ring…

But here is the biggie – getting her ring size. How do you get it? Well, I have some bad news for you. You may very well have to steal from your bride-to-be. That’s right. You may not need black clothes and a lock pick, but you will have to sneak into her jewelry box, take it, and bring it back without her having noticed it was gone. This is by far the easiest way to ensure her ring size. One tip – make sure you know which finger she wears the ring on. After all, you don’t want to end up sizing a ring she wears on her index finger thinking it will fit her ring finger.

All right, you can’t steal the ring because every day when she gets dressed she puts the damn thing on! There are two other options. You can try the ring on your finger and remember where it stopped (obviously your fingers are fatter) or you can press the ring into a bar of soap and take the impression of the ring into the jewelry store. Don’t worry about being laughed at. Trust me, they’ve seen everything.
Diamonds are a girls best friend…

There are other things to consider when you buy a ring. Chances are it will be a diamond and since you are spending so much money, you want to be sure that you are getting a real diamond and a good one to boot. After all, there are scammers out there. Diamonds have grades of quality and if your diamond seller’s diamonds aren’t graded, then walk away – no RUN! The grading is a way to measure the quality of a diamond based on the color, clarity, fluorescence, weight, symmetry, and proportions. You may not be an expert, but you should learn the basics and you should shell out the cash for a grading report so that you can be sure your diamond is authentic.

You’ve bought it and – you’ve LOST it! Now what? Ah, but you insured it right, so you’re not at all concerned. Well, you better insure the ring you just spent thousands of dollars on or you are in BIG trouble mister.
Weighing up your options…

Of course, much of this advice is only relevant if you are planning on surprising your beloved. You could just opt out of the surprise and take her shopping with you. Well, if not surprising her is worth this – and you have to think long and hard about that one – then you will be allowing her to choose what she wears for the rest of her life. Good in some ways, maybe not so good in other ways. After all, it’s a lot harder to be conscious of price when she has told you that it is the PERFECT ring and it will do you no good to buy the one next to it that looks almost identical and is half the price. So weigh it out before you make the decision to take her shopping with you. In the end, it just might be easier to go it alone

Bachelor Party Supplies You’ve Gotta Have

bachelor party suppliesWhen you are planning a bachelor party it can be very difficult. After all, women have so much more freedom in planning a party that doesn’t appear totally lame. Men have a fine line to walk between boring and completely pathetic and they have to walk it well. Unless you are doing the big destination bachelor party or some fancy night out at the strip clubs or the like, then you will likely be spending some time in someone’s home or in a bar that is functioning as home base. There are bachelor party supplies that will help create the party you want to have.

You will want to mark the gathering as a bachelor party without looking like a complete idiot and there are some bachelor party supplies that will help you in this endeavor. Invitations normally aren’t necessary for the bachelor party, but on the off chance you are sending them out, get something that is indicative of the type of party these guys are being invited to. You do actually want them to show up and they need to know they are going to have a good time.

You might want to bring along some decorations, something to mark the area where the dead man walking is having his last free night out. You can find some pretty naughty bachelor party supplies at party supply stores, including decorations that will serve the purpose of embarrassing him and making him VERY visible to everyone around him. This will only work if you have a home base for the party, be that someone’s home or a pub, bar, or restaurant.

A t-shirt for the groom is also a necessary item on the list of bachelor party supplies. After all, this is the best way to mark him as the man who has been condemned to a life of servitude. T-shirts for the best man and for the rest of the guests can also be ordered so that everyone has a memento of this special night out. This can be the equivalent of the ladies party gifts. Besides the t-shirts, bachelor party supplies often include naked blow up sex dolls or blow up sheep.

Gag gifts for the groom are also popular. In light of this special occasion is it customary to give the groom a marriage survival kit that will prepare them for anything that might turn up in their matrimonial life (like that’s even possible!). This can include hugs and kisses coupons, a pecker exerciser, or anything else that might be needed. All of this can come wrapped in porn wrapping paper.

Finally, there are actually some party games that the men might actually enjoy playing. There is poker with naked woman cards, dodge ball boobies (although you might need some extra space to play that), and wearing beer goggles. Really, we never do grow up do we guys? And of course, there will be the most important of all the bachelor party supplies – BOOZE! There will be plenty of drinking throughout all of this, to ensure that the groom can handle everything that you throw at him.

At the end of the night the goal is to have a groom who has enjoyed himself, been thoroughly humiliated, is completely piss drunk, yet can still function the next day for whatever his new mistress wishes him to do. That is the job of the host – to make sure that the groom can function the next day while still be drunk and embarrassed the night before. It’s another fine line to walk, a fine line indeed, but so worth the trouble for a fun night out at the grooms expense.

Bachelorette Party Ideas You Haven’t Heard Yet

bachelorette party ideasThe idea of a male stripper is almost – I did say ALMOST – as common for a bachelorette party as a female stripper is for the bachelor party. Just think. The two of you out on the same night, each being rubbed up against by a stripper. OK, banish that thought. After all, how dare he?! But let’s think about you and about your bachelorette party or, if you’re the maid of honor, the party you will be throwing in the bride’s honor.

So what are the bachelorette alternatives? You might be surprised how many fun, non-stripper ways you can celebrate the coming wedding and the end of the single life for the bride. Here are a few ideas that might just knock your socks off.

You Become the Stripper???

OK, well not really. But taking pole dancing lessons might just spruce up the bachelorette party and give you all a good laugh and some very happy and possibly embarrassing memories to take into your blessed union.

A Sex Toy Party

In keeping with the sexual theme, what about a sex toy party? This is a great way to find out everything you have ever wanted to know about sex toys, but were to afraid to ask. It is also your chance to find out how much your girlfriends know. Are you the only one with these fantasies…?

Lingerie Instead?

If sex toys are too bold and risqué, then maybe a lingerie party is the next best – and safest – thing. In fact, this is a great way to make sure the bride has just the right thing to wear on her wedding night and during her honeymoon.

The Slumber Party

No girl can resist a slumber party, no matter how old she gets. This is one that even grandma can attend – unless you are going to combine it with the sex toy party. You can sit up all night, drink wine, and do each other’s makeup and nails while filling each other in on all the gossip. After all, isn’t that what slumber parties are for?

Ahhhh, the Spa!

Really, nothing could be more stressful than planning a wedding and let’s face it – the groom was no help at all. The bride needs some R&R and what better way to do that than to have a spa day for her and all the girls. You could even turn this into a mini spa retreat and immerse yourselves in the experience overnight or for an entire weekend. After all, he better get used to it. It’s not like you’re going to be hanging around all the time to cook his meals and do his laundry.

The Getaway

And why hang around when you can choose a great destination and let it all hang loose? After all, what better way to celebrate than by shopping in New York City or hitting the beach in Miami? Choosing a destination to which you can fly and catch some fun and relaxation time is the best. You can choose to make this an adventure trip and go white water rafting or kayaking or something like that or you can stay in the poshest hotel you can find and live it up on caviar and Champaign.

The Local Hotel

Yes, you can live it up even in your own home town. Just find a luxury hotel and spa, buy a few bottles of wine, and voila! Order room service and you are set. This is a nice option when the budget is tight yet you want to be treated like royalty. Hell, you could even rent a limo and get there in style!

Of course, there are some of these parties that you might not want to invite mom or grandma to, but isn’t it worth it. You could even throw a tea party for all the conservative people on your list and save the wild party for you really racy friends. Whatever you choose, be sure you make it so spectacular that it comes in as a CLOSE second to your wedding day.